Friday, September 25, 2009

As the things start to roule...

September 25, 2009

I ate tongue for dinner last night. It wasn’t intentional but I had to eat it anyway since I ordered it. To be honest it wasn’t that bad. It was chewy like mussels are only it looks like a tongue sliced into pieces. I also had isle flottante. This is the most amazing dessert ever. Meringue and crème anglaise is the best combination of sweet and light.

Today was probably the longest day so far. I had to be the high school at 9 to go with Sandrine down to the middle school to meet the other English teachers. There is a total of four English teachers at the high school level and 3 at the middle school. I’m “to be shared” between them all. Since I’m administratively attached to the high school most of the things I’ll have to do will be at the high school instead of the middle school.

After I met the middle school teachers I went to Sandrine’s class with her to introduce myself. These students were younger and they have two years before they take their English exam. I liked them and they asked very interesting questions so I think this class will keep me on my toes!

I ate lunch at the cantine again. The food isn’t bad but I think I’ll reserve eating there for during lunch. I’m not sure how much the tickets are going to cost me to eat there so it may not be worth my while to eat there at all. After the cantine Sandrine drove me around the town to show me where important things are. I found out that St chely has two major groceries, Carrefour and ED; a cinima, la poste, a computer store and crafts store among other little stores. I’m glad that st chely isn’t as small as I thought.

Beatrice and I met with the proviseur this afternoon. He’s very nice. Everyone seems to tip toe around him though like he’s some powerful guy. It wasn’t like that with the middle school principal. I wonder what makes him so important?

After the meeting with the proviseur I went to the bank to sign my papers for the account. I'm so glad that was easy. I got the big thing done within two days! Now on to the apartment...

I also got to see the apartment in the school. I’ll have one of the three bedrooms there. The apartment is huge though! There is a very large cooking area with a small fridge, hot plates and a microwave. The secretary told me that all will be furnished including plates and the like. Since it’s the first year everything will be new!!! I’m so glad this is working out because I’ll be able to leave st. chely occasionally to have some fun. Not that St chely isn’t fun, its just there isn’t much to do here at all. Especially at night.

After I saw the apartment I went with Sandrine to her house for some tea. She is really very nice! She helped me call the mutuelle/la secu which is the health care system. I have to enroll in it when I start working October 1st. It’s a complicated system but hopefully after I send in the right paperwork all will be well. Sandrine’s house is about 3km from St. Chely. She lives in the country in this cool huge house. She says in the winter they can’t even use their cars to leave but a 4 by 4. What have I got myself into??? In any case Sandrine invited me back for dinner later that night. She is just soo great! She’s really helped me adjust to life here and feel welcome. Even though Beatrice is the person in charge of me, I don’t think she likes me very much. She seemed mad at me or something for the fact that Sandrine was helping me. Uh hello?? I’m alone-I’ll take any help I can at this point! I sincerely hope that Sandrine and I become friends. She is really a great person to talk to and I think she understands a lot of what I am going through. Whatever her motives are for helping me, I’ll take it!!!

I think tomorrow I am going to go take a walk down to Carrefour and the other part of town. I’m so ready for Saturday. Maybe if it is nice I’ll be able to read in the park by the little lake.

A la prochaine mes amis…..

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