Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The last few memories in the U.S. + Paris

September 21, 2009

The late flight out is the best idea anyone ever had. I get to sleep, eat and get used to another life as I fly towards my new destination. I made it to the airport with hours to spare so I’ve decided to write and catch up my last few days in America.

Packing in Toronto was exhausting but I managed to get most of it done for Oli to take to storage. Oli leaves for Dubai this Friday so we’ll both be embarking on our new lives this week.

When we got home from Birch run on Saturday, we all relaxed and had a Thai dinner since neither Oli or myself will be able to have American – insert country name food. It was amazing but I can’t wait to have baguette again. That’s the first thing on my list eat when I arrive- un sandwhich au fromage.

Since coming back home this weekend, I experienced many things that I would describe as “only in America you can…” Oli would say this every time my parents or I would do something so typically American. I’d like to say that I’d miss these things but I won’t because quite frankly I’m a little embarrassed that they happened at all. For example, On Saturday night the cable television went out in our house. Within minutes my mom had called Comcast to see what the deal was with our cable. The guy had us check our Internet and then proceeded to schedule an appointment for the service man to come out and check the lines again. Then my mom called the neighbor to see if his cable eas working but he wasn’t home. Instead of just hanging up my mom left the longest message for him to call her back regarding the cable. I thought at this point our t.v addiction was severe but no, it gets worse. My dad gets home just as my mom is finishing her voicemail. Instead of my dad changing, eating his dinner and relaxing after work, the t.v must be fixed as soon as possible. So my in work clothes, starving is putting the bunny ears on the TV so we can at least watch tv. Low and behold guess what show pops up on the screen first? Wrestling. Of all the shows and stations that had to come on first it just had to be wrestling! At this point I can’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. I’m only hoping that the next time this occurs we take it as a sign that we should stop watching t.v. and spend some quality time together.

I hope the flight remains calm and I can make it to St. Chély in one piece with all my gear. My cooler already ripped on the side but I think the ice packs will keep everything cool enough till Paris.

A la prochaine mes amis…

September 22, 2009

I made it to Paris! I was/am still very tired from the flight because I couldn’t really sleep. I tried to take the shuttle bus downtown to the gare de lyon but after putting my huge load on a airport cart I realized a taxi is the better way to go. I tried to negotiate a fixed price with the cab driver but he didn’t wasn’t going for it. He told me since I requested a van and I didn’t have enough cash that he couldn’t do that. In the end it was so worth it though because he pulled right up to my hotel and there is no way I would have found the tiny street on my own.

The hotel was amazing! The receptionist was very helpful. He showed me the fridge and allowed me to refreeze my ice packets. I’m so glad this worked out because the ice was starting to thaw a bit. The receptionist also helped me find a monoprix and phone store to buy a new sim card. I got orange mostly because I was desperate to have a working phone for tomorrow. I hope I don’t come to regret my impulse decision. After I got my new sim card, I grabbed un sandwich au fromage jambon. YUMMMMMM. I missed that so much! At this point I feel completely delirious and tired. I had to take a nap.

Maybe tomorrow will bring a restful day and possibilities to go out and enjoy Paris!

A la prochaine mes amis….


  1. So, if you have Orange, you will have a sim card. What's the number? I like your posts.