Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 26, 2009

Sleep in day! Yay!!!! The weather was sort of grey today as you’ll see from the few photos I managed to take today of St. Chély. I woke up late to the cleaning lady complaining that she couldn’t get into my room because I was still sleeping. Whatever- I’m not on vacation so it’s not like I have anywhere to go. I went to the post office right away this morning so I could get stamps to send my post cards. Expect postcards people!!! I’ll mail them Monday once I’ve finished with them. After the post office, I walked down to Carrefour market. I wanted to get some fruit to eat and see if they had any prepared meals for me to eat today. I also wanted to get an organizer for all the paperwork I’ve started accumulating here. I didn’t see sheets there but they have clothes so I should be able to buy sheets there on Monday. Mostly I’ll need a heavy comforter or blanket right away since I brought one sheet with me. I’m so glad I have my pillow too. One less thing I’ll have to buy.

My mom called this afternoon, which was great. I’ve heard from my mom, Oli, Geraldine and Henry so far. I’m not homesick yet but it is nice to talk to something familiar. I was talking to Andrea online last night about why I chose this academie. It’s something familiar but something completely different. For example, I’m in the south where people generally take things slow, slower than normal french slowness. This is something I know how to deal with. However I’m in a small town where things are truly closed by 7 at night and not everything is open on the weekend, especially Sunday. I’m not sure what people do to occupy themselves.

It rained tonight for the first time since I came here. The streets were flooded with rainwater and since it is hilly here the water rushes down the street very fast.

September 27, 2009

Today was a lovely day. I went out in the morning and took some cute photos which I’ll post later. I read in the little park below the high school for a while too. There isn’t much to do here on Sundays or anywhere in france for that matter. I also took some good pictures of the high school where I’ll live. After I got back in the afternoon I wasn’t feeling good so I thought I’d eat some bread and cheese and also some nuts. Bad idea. I’ve not felt better yet. Hopefully this is just a passing thing and not a flare up. I’m praying I get better tomorrow. Also, as of tomorrow I won’t have regular internet for a while so my posts will become infrequent.

A la prochaine mes amis…

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