Monday, January 25, 2010

Halting progress around lozere chimneys

Everytime its cold here in St. Chély my hair smells like smoke. Now you may be wondering -this is so random but indeed this is true. Since I walk everywhere I'm outside lots so my hair absorbs the outdoor air which consequently smells like smoke. (Chimney smoke that is) You may wonder (or not) why that is? Well people apparently heat their houses with wood stillllll here. So the colder it is, the more chimney smoke there is in the air. For those of you who know me well, I'm seriously attached to smelling things and this scent makes me think of lozere and fall in michigan. I love it. I wonder what summer will smell like here. Only time will tell....

I saw the doctor today in St. Chély.... the news was so-so and I'll give updates on my health as soon as the tests are all done. Needless to say, when the doctor saw my back she exclaimed in a less serious wording " oh shit".

I took G's french test she found today. I was also just as disappointed as her at the results. I really thought that I was improving beyond that. Alas, just proves I need to get back to grammar basics. I don't always use the grammar I have to know for teaching so I really need to brush up or I'll look like a fool. I lost ten points on the faux amis part alone...which just proves that I had I paid more attention at u of m I would be better off. JUST KIDDING!

Tonight is S's birthday dinner at The Bureau. I love their salads so I'm excited, plus I get to see all my friends from the gym. ;)


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