Saturday, January 30, 2010

Soluble Coffee and Marvejols

Ever since I could remember my parents have always made a pot of coffee the morning. I grew up around coffee and tea wasn't really my thing until I got to college. I still will always prefer coffee over tea. Whenever we would have dinner with my nana and she's make coffee for herself my family always teased her about using soluble coffee grains mixing her decaf and regualar. So naturally throughout my young life I have resisted buying soluble coffee and prefer to either make a pot (if possible) or spend exorbitant amounts of my pocket money on Starbucks or Caribou coffee. Last week I had to buy soluble coffee for a recipe I was making and I thought to myself, you know, I've never ever tried making a cup of coffee from it! So in my cleaning and boredom today I made myself a cup. It's not bad! I definitely prefer brewed coffee but in my haste and family tradition I never really considered soluble coffee and I probably wasted good amounts of money during college. The french would be ashamed of my soluble coffee use and so would Oli's dad but once in a while will do for me!

I have some people coming to stay in the apartment this thursday so I spent all day cleaning. They are three girls from the university in montpellier coming to demonstrate and talk about degrees in science and chemistry on Friday for the kids. I'm glad Mme L told me in advance so make sure the apt is in tip top shape. I also took this opportunity to organize my things and put together piles of stuff I want to take home in two weeks. I'm only allowed one suitcase this time so I'm going to have to squeeze my stuff in there plus clothes for the trip! As it turns out I really only have my big cooking dictionary thats going to be a pain to pack cause its seriously heavy and my metal kitchen board cause its awkward.

I went to Marvejols yesterday and we got back just as the snow started coming down hard. It snowed all night lightly so we didn't get much but it started again this afternoon so its pretty beautiful out there. I got my xrays done and Mme H and I had lunch and walked around a little before. Then we went grocery shopping once back in St.Chely. I am 1 short of having half of the departments now and I have five I can trade away so I'm in good shape. I've stopped trying to eat the nuggets these days and I just buy 2-3 boxes every time I go and throw out the old ones if there's no room.

I'm super excited to go home in two weeks to see Oli! It'll be great to relax, see friends and family so I can get through the last two months.


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