Thursday, January 14, 2010

Typical Thursday

Today was probably the longest mixed up day so far this week. Thursdays just suck in my book anyways but this one was so typically odd I've got to post about it. I've been having ups and downs lately but this day tops the cake. I can show you what I mean:

I had to get up extraordinarily early -7:00 to make it to the middle school and print, copy and gather tools for my three hours of class there today. While walking in the slush that covers the roads and sidewalks I realized that I had gotten up way too early for what I needed to do but oh well. Two hours of class with the honors kids should have made me content but after the way they behaved today I was ready to collapse from classroom management issues. Oh geez were those kids insane today! I expected it from my extra in between hour of 3emes but the honors kids? Needless to say by the time 12 rolled around I had my coat on and was rushing the last kid out the door so I could leave.

Then, I hurried to make it the special restaurant at the high school for lunch because it's only open on tuesdays and thursdays and I really wanted to enjoy lunch today. Luckily I made it in time to sit with S and I. The food was soo good, but I was so hungry I would have eaten anything. We even were able to eat galette de roi! Everything was super yummy and I'm glad I got to enjoy lunch!

Then I had more class which always tires me. I feel like I have to work really heard at speaking clearly and emphasizing and thinking about the ways I say things which is hard, believe me! At least at the high school its less than at the middle school.

Then I went to carrefour to get candy prep for my murder investigation in class tomorrow. A this point I was so linguistically tired but alas I made it home and into watching Fringe. What a disappointment! I thought Charlie was dead but apparently it was an old unaired episode from last season and it sucked. What a bummer and lame of FOX to do that.

For dinner I went downstairs to Mme L's apartment to eat with her and the kids. They are so cute and have so much energy! It was fun to not be alone for dinner tonight although I missed a few calls and texts. As it turns out I'm off to C-F this saturday for the soldes. Yay! I don't need to spend money but alas....sales...-50 + ...could you really blame me? (Oli didn't and that's a first so really people... be excited!!!) I haven't quite decided what to abv my new friend that I'm going with. I can't really use the first letter because it's already taken so I'll have to think of something creative. Anyways, I'm going with her.
Voila my up and down tiring day!


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