Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thoughts on cooking

I embarked on another baking experience yesterday with the cookie magazine my mom sent me. A couple of things have struck me during this process as interesting...

1. The difference between a tsp/tbsp in french. They are literally called a coffee spoon or a soup spoon. I like this better because had I know a coffee spoon was the same as a tsp then my coffee would have been so much better during college. I'm not sure why I just realized this now! Also, I tend to eat soup with a 'coffee' spoon or tsp here. I find these curious terms for sizes of spoons that in the end vary based on brand anyways!

2. The flour or something is off here. Everytime I make drop cookies they turn crumbly or very dry. It's not as if they taste bad but all the same they don't taste as they should.

3. I love my oven but after 5 batches of 7 cookies each time was getting a little much. I can't wait for my oven back home!

Mme H came to watch me make cookies yesterday which made me kind of nervous since usually I just wing it. Part of me wingning it means I always have a plan B...and she discovered it while we were waiting for the first batch to be done. She exclaimed...why are you making cookies when you already have some here! (I have bought an emergency bag of Bonne Maman cookies just in case) Well now that my secret is out... I leave you to your own thoughts on baking!

Happy eats and GROS bisous!


  1. Let's be clear though: a coffee spoon in French equals a tea spoon in English. However, in French a tea spoon is something else: it's like 30% smaller than a coffee spoon.

  2. I disagree. my tea (coffee) spoon is the same here as in the u.s. The small dessert spoon in my parents house is bigger than a tsp but again...its a dessert spoon AND it differs by brand.