Sunday, February 14, 2010

48 hours in summary

After 48 hours + of travel I have yet to reach my destination of Toronto. As you well know, it's valentine's day and I was seriously hoping to make it there since Oli has something special planned for us.

Here's a run down so far of my travel experience:

8:16 a.m leave St. Chely for Clermont-Ferrand
----bus is late....lots of lane open ......40 minutes late.
10:45 I miss my train for paris.
11:15 I am on stand by for the next train, meaning its full but if there is a seat available, by all means I can sit in it.
6:10 p.m. Paris! After missing my train, the next one was late getting in due to 'protesting' on the tracks, I've made it. phew! I'm so cold and frustrated with the lines at gare de lyon I take a taxi to my hotel. (Well worth it!)
7:00 p.m. In my room, quickly put my stuff down then head out to look for 1. a grocery for dinner. 2. pharmacy ---I have a throat infection coming on .....
7:40 ish. Eating my salad and pretzels alone in my room after walking around quickly for an open pharmacy. Alas no luck. Boo.

11 p.m. please let me fall asleep and wake up....nope. can't achieve that tonight. Oh well two hours is better than nothing.

6:30 a.m waiting for the the shuttle to take to CDG to catch my 10:50 plane to cincinnati.

7:30 a.m. waiting for delta to open check in.

8:40 am. checked in. on stand by for a direct flight to toronto if this one is full. (This never happens)

10:00 am getting frisked by french authorities again before boarding the plane.

12:50 p.m. FINALLY taking off after a 2 hour delay.

9:05 p.m/ 3:05 p.m land in cincinnati. Plenty of time to make it through customs and recheck my bag for toronto.

10:30 pm/4:30 p.m. Flight is delayed to 5:15, then 6:45 then 7:45.

12:30 am /6:30p.m Flight is officially cancelled. I'm given a new ticket for 2p.m the next day, hotel voucher at the doubletree and 2 meal vouchers worth 14 bucks. *Thanks delta*

2:00 am /8:00 p.m. make it to the hotel, register for internet and call Oli to let him know I won't be coming.

3:00 a.m./ 9:00 p.m Running on two hours of sleep. Coughing like no other. need shower sleep.

9:30 p.m. can't keep my eyes open, so tired. hotel is amazing with huge inviting bed with fresh cookie.

.........5 a.m the next day.........

Refreshed and ready to go! Oh wait. my flight isn't for hours!!!! Hopefully this time delta will schedule a pilot and I'll make it!


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