Monday, February 8, 2010

A french filled weekend! :)

This weekend we celebrated S's birthday finally! A bunch of her friends came over and C +husband too. It was so funny because I taught the frenchies how a real tequila shot is done. haha. Much to my amusement they seemed to like it but since everyone drives here most of them only wanted to do one or two. So cute. S and I were the only one's to head out the l'annexe, the only decent club in St. Chely. (You need a car to go there which is dumb) The atmosphere wasn't spectacular and there were too many creepy guys so we only stayed for two hours. We ran into a bunch of gym goers and I saw some students which is always awkward but hey, what are ya gonna do?

Here's me needing some help on how to say "tease". (Not in the dirty sense!)
Here is Chouchou and C at the party with S's cowboy hats! We all go the gym together!

I also have some great new from the doctor! I don't have that horrible arthritis but just an 'arthrose' caused by my scoliosis. I an run and do everything as long as it doesn't hurt. Swimming is the best apparently so I start doing that regularly when I return.

I met with the proviseur today, which always makes me nervous I did something wrong but apparently I saw something that they need me to testify to. One of my older students puts his hand in his pants all the time and I thought at the time gross and then the next week he did it again. I avoided looking cause I didn't want to know what he was doing down there but apparently its an issue raised by all his teachers. The students think it's no biggie cause he does it all the time and the teachers are disgusted by it that they want him to get help. Also he's 'major' meaning if a minor student saw something or a parent bad things could happen to the school. I want to help the teachers' case but I didn't want to look so I didn't see much during class. (He's done this two weeks in a row with me but according to his classmates its been going on for awhile) I hope he gets the help he needs.

On another note, kinda cheesy but I learned something about french restaurants I forgot to mention! When the cheese course comes on a huge platter you have the right to take three different kinds and the size is about a 1/2 cube. Interesting right? I'm glad Mme H explained that to me when we were out the other week together!

I saw La princesse et la grenouille (frog prince disney movie) this weekend at the REX in St. Chely. It was super cute! My first disney in french and it was pretty understandable. :)


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