Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Memories of teaching and a roommate!

Yesterday was interesting for multiple reasons:

(I don't like to post too soon but I just had to! ) I had forgotten what it was like to teach a full day of school and Oli so succinctly reminded me that her works until 5 everyday. I worked from 9 am until 5 pm with an hour for lunch and an hour break at 3. I worked more than a normal american teacher would in a day which made it worse. Most teachers only work about 5 hours in front of kids and I did 6. It's exhausting teaching because I feel I put so much of my energy into the kids to get them excited about learning but I just encounter resistance. Needless to say at 9:50 I got into bed to relax and read on my kindle but after 3 pages I was asleep. I slept so good too!

Another interesting thing yesterday was that I had a roommate for night. We'll call her E because I'm not sure of her full name. She's a student teacher at the primary school and she'll be staying two nights a week for two weeks. It's strange having someone in the apartment and even more so because I actually live here and I'm sure she feels weird about stepping on my stuff. (I have stuff that's mine everywhere, though neat, it's not like I can contain myself to my room and that's quite unfair of anyone to ask of me since I'm here full time.) She's nice but we didn't really talk as usual with french people. They aren't very open right away, only after a few times of meeting.

Then I have this picture of my partial french map of magnets. It's sideways and I couldn't get it to rotate so you'll just have to imagine it the other way. I have almost the entire east coast of France! Now you can see why I'm so fanatical about these stupid things:


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