Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some old and new, mostly food

I finally figured out how to get the pictures of my blackberry, thanks to Oli's help!

Here was at the restaurant in Marvejols. I had a creme caramel dessert that was so pretty!

Here is us together. We weren't ready and the owner didn't really know how to take a picture with the phone.
Here is Sarah's shrimp dinner from le Bureau Pub. Their presentation is always amazing plus the food is so good too!

This is a picture of today. Yesterday I spent 45 minutes laying in the sun with 50 degree weather and I woke up to this in the morning. So far tonight, it has stopped but the meteo people expect us to keep getting more. I was surprised to see my first snow plow truck here in lozere and they are truly trucks! I saw him outside between the middle school and high school so I snapped a quick pic. The guy probably thought I was crazy taking a photo of him but memories, oh sweet memories are what counts!

I spent today making sugar and spice espresso cookies with the brown sugar I found but alas they turned out horribly. I doubt I'm going to keep cooking them after two batches. They came out flat crispy. I still have two rolls of dough to cut so I'm going to save them and give them to Mme H if she wants to try baking them in her regular sized oven. I think the problem here is the dough though so I doubt they will turn out for her anyways. Sorry, no pics of the disaster!


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  1. Creme Caramel!!!!! My favorite!

    and those cookies sound good just by the name. though it's a bummer they didn't turn out as you expected.