Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mad libs and telephone unite!

Today in class I gave each student in my BTS 2nd year class (20 year old students) a word and they had to use this word and say at least three sentanced connecting to phrases before them to make a class story. It was so rediculous that I had to type it up:

"Once upon a time, jim carey met two friends who are harold and kumarin a car. They are listening to music that is "what is love". Harold is white and kumar is brown. They are very crazy about listening tomusic because they want to have fun. They want to dance in a smallcar. It's a twingo with no seats. They are going to a party. They are training in the car. Harold and Kumar are smoking weed so they are hungry. Kumar especially loves hamburgers so the three friends aregoing to a fastfood. On the road to the fastfood they ran out of gas. As they spent all their money, they need to go back to their house toget money so they found three lions. They used the lions to run home since they had no gas. With the lions the three friends went in front of a restaurant but as they had no money, they decided to steal roasted meat. When they took the meat they saw a right arm in the pocket of the meat. It's a canibal restaurant. The lions ate the right arm and at this time Harold fell in love with the lion and he decided to buy him a ring because he wanted to marry it and have children. While they are walking to buy the ring, they found a magical lamp onthe sidewalk and they decided ti make it shine. When the lamp shinned as much as the sun, a beautiful genie came out of the lamp and he told them that he can make all his dreams come true. And harold asked him for a beautiful ring and beautiful house with his lion and children. They will be happy with their children."

I bolded the words I gave them. All in all I was looking for a romantic valentines day story and I got this random mess. It reminded me of mad libs combined with telephone from when I was little.

I hope I make it ok to paris tomorrow. We have gotten quite some accumulation (about 6 inches) since yesterday. See you all on the other side of the pond!


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