Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend

Last weekend, easter weekend was so wonderfully busy that I hardly had time to snap many photos. On saturday S and I went shopping in Clermont for fun. I'm lucky she doesn't mind driving at all because most french people don't like to drive even for more than 20 min around here. We spent the morning combing through clothes and random stuff and finished off our downtown shopping at maisons du monde where we found this lovely set of martini glasses with effiel tower stems. How french! I almost bought them just because they were so silly but alas, I'd need four suitcases to come home if I bought everything I wanted!

After we went shopping we went to the big supermarket in clermont to get mexican food night supplies. Clermont is much bigger and the products are much better quality in the supermarkets than in St. Chely. If you want quality in where I live you go to the little shops in town and pay 2 times the price. The mexican night was for easter sunday when S invited some friends over to eat and then go out to the Bal at Termes.

I planned to make the guacamole for apero and it was sooo good! Everyone loved it! I used geraldine's old recipe from aix and it worked like a charm. No thank you old el paso packets, I've got my own little secret! ;)
At maisons du monde I found this napkins that were perfect for our soiree so we nabbed those up! We had our fajitas, salade, mojitos and no need for more!
Here is S and E before we dug in for some yummy food.
This is D, B and E after we had devoured the fajitas! What's next? Dessert of course!
E eying the Baba au rhum we lifted from S's parent's house at lunch. Mmmm! More rhum please!

This was the culminating event of the night! The first bal of the year is the biggest and in my opinion the best party I've been to since coming here. There was a live band playing all my favorites in english and in french, good people to dance with (see below) and cheap beer at the bar. The place was packed with people of all ages, including some of my students from the middle and high school and some old old people. I almost lost my blackberry while taking care of business but luckily S helped me find it 20 min later when I realized it was missing. I should really learn from my mistakes but I wanted photos! This unfortunately was the only one I got in before I wised up and put the phone in S's car. Afterwards we danced until 4 in the morning! I was a blast to see a live band and to enjoy one of my last weekends in Lozere with friends. As of today I have three weeks left here!

Gros Bisous

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  1. hahaha. glad to have been of service when it comes to guacamole making!