Monday, April 19, 2010

Frankfurt, Strasbourg and Baden Baden

Greeting from Frankfurt!

Thanks to yet again another one of mother natures gifts, I am still in frankfurt...TBA. I have bought a train ticket for thursday since my flight was cancelled ( Check out the latest on the Ash Cloud from Iceland on BBC) but I still haven't confirmed that I will be traveling this day yet if I find a cheaper option.

Since I have some time on my hands, here is my post on Frankfurt and Strasbourg.

I arrived on wednesday and Henry and I spent all day thursday and friday hanging out in frankfurt, doing touristy things. See photos. Then on Saturday we picked up C and M to come with us to Strasbourg then later that night we stayed in M's hometown since it is pretty close to Strasbourg.

Here is Henry and I on a bridge in downtown frankfurt. :)

This is the group in Strasbourg. It took three french people to not take a photo right (they couldn't understand how to push a button down) and then an anglophone to take this. What a beautiful day!

Above is a giant wine barrel.
Below is the group in Baden-Baden. We went up with beers and saw the whole city from these ruins of a castle. C and I were scared cause it was dark but thanks to M he had a flashlight on his phone or camera.

This is the castle from below in the town and also during the day light. We were really high up!

Thanks to the volcano I got to enjoy the sights and relaxing nature of Frankfurt three days longer! :)

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