Monday, April 12, 2010

A sunny sunday in Cap d'Agde

The photos in this post are backwards in which I took them!!

This weekend I went to the beach! Mme S invited me to tag along a trip to Cap d'Agde on sunday. I got to try my first oysters, sit in the wonderful sunny 70 degree weather, go on a boat trip where we could see the fish below the boat and lay on the beach while M played in the water. It was a blast! Aside from the crazy 150 km average her husband drove to get us there, the day was so wonderful! I even got to eat at MacDo for the first time in a long time. Here are some photos:

On our way home we stopped for some McDo. Here is something you'd only get in a french mcdonalds. I always find this the most interesting this about McDo's around the world. FYI though, this was the first time I've eaten at any mcdonalds in over a year, maybe more!
This is the beach we went to in the afternoon. It's between Sete and Cap d'Agde. It reminds me of a mix between michigan beaches and florida beaches.
Here is Mme H and me on the beach. Not the best photo of us but I more took it as an "I was there" photo.
These are Mme H's boys and husband playing the water. The water was so cold, I preferred staying right where I was on the beach. :)
This is M and I before he got all cold and wet in the ocean. He's sooo a la mode with his red marine shirt! Adorable!
On the boat cruise we took, we circled this old prison off the coast of Agde. I find it interesting there are lots of prisons like this dating back off the coasts of France. I guess it was their method of dealing with criminals.
This is me below deck checking out the sea life. We saw a few schools of tiny fish but nothing too spectacular. It was more cool to see below the ocean around the prison. The sea floor is made up of nothing but rocks. Cool!
This is the port in Agde. It's one of the bigger ports along the Mediterranean.
This is me eating my first oyster. It's probably not something I'd order, but I wouldn't turn one down if it was offered. It had more of the consistency of salty, liquid jelly. Adding vinegar was delic though and I'd def do that again!

Gros bisous!

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