Thursday, April 1, 2010

Le poisson d'avril

Happy April Fool's! In France we celebrate Le poisson d'Avril --the fish of april. The kids stick fish on each others backs and laugh. I had one daring student at the middle school try to do it to me but alas... I'm no novice and I saw it coming! ;)

I realized that as of tomorrow I'll have only two more weeks of teaching and two weeks of vacation. Time is passing like mad!

I've noticed since february break I've become more frustrated when people don't understand me when I'm talking but not because it's my language, because they jump to conclusions before I have even finished and it's frustrating. For example, today I was told to transmit a message to a teacher taking an english exam tomorrow from the one that took it today and he completely misunderstood after two words. He cut me off and told me he didn't need help but that so not what I needed to tell him. I know he didn't want my help because I already offered weeks ago. I needed to tell him that D wanted him to call her about the test and give him some advice. I had to completely restart my phrase and it's quite frustrating! I'm sure I do this in english too but now I get it, and I have to say sorry to those whom I've done this too. I realize how frustrating this can be!!!


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