Saturday, November 14, 2009

Connected to the world!

Internet!!! The perks of being sick just keep on rolling in! Friday afternoon I came home to the busy worker bee installing the cable in my apartment. This is such a relief because now I can do lessons, get email and talk to people all in the comfort of my own place.

I went to St. Flour again today to go shopping with Mme S. I was kinda tired today but I really needed to go grocery shopping and I prefer to do it with a someone's car. I ended up spending more than I wanted even though I had a list. This should last me until the end of the month though. I'm trying not to eat so much these days and eat what the doctor recommends which is basically pasta and meat. So far the best things that's held is plain pasta with literally a sliver of butter, and turkey slices. I like to top it off with applesauce. I'm so glad I can eat anything I want in the food capital of the world. *sigh*

I also went out with Mme H and the gang plus two others to a club in st. chely. I had a tons of fun, albeit a little embarrassing with with them. These people really know how to enjoy themselves and I like feeling relaxed.

However my insomnia hasn't subsided. I thought by going out and tiring myself out physically that I'd be able to sleep better but as it turns out I can't. I'm going to use this time wisely to catch up with friends on the phone that I haven't talked to since being here.

Bonne nuit et à demain(g)

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  1. I'm glad you're feeling better and that you have internet!! :)