Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey slices and more turkey nuggets for Thanksgiving

So this week is Thanksgiving and while everyone is enjoying turkey and mashed potatoes, I will be teaching 12 hours on Thanksgiving while reaping none of the benefits of eating it. I'm kind of alone this year so I saw no point on roasting a turkey and making the traditional fare. I did however buy some sliced turkey and potatoes so I'm planning on having that for dinner. I can always resort to my turkey cheese nugs!

I have 13 department magnets now. Yay! I was promised some by the other teachers but I think they want to keep them and start collecting them too. Bums. I guess I can look forward to eating 1,000 nuggets this year-at least. :)

I've been hanging out with the running lady at the gym recently. She really likes me and she has tons of friends my age at the gym. The only thing is, people smile at me and nod but they never really talk to me anymore. I wish I didn't put up this wall and I was more approachable. In any case, I've started passing on the word that I'm looking for a french tutor exchange with english tutoring. Ideally I'm looking for two partners twice a week for 30 minutes. I'm hoping to work on more difficult conversation topics such as hypotheticals and subjuntive statements. Plus this will help with pronunciation. :)

Nothing interesting has happened recently. I'm looking forward to christmas break and dubai in february. It's sad that I'm in France (the country I love with all my heart) but the only place I'd rather be is with Oli. I keep telling myself, 269 more days, 269 more days.

A la prochaine fois....

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  1. Times like this I wish we lived within reach of each other because then you could have thanksgiving chez moi! At least "feast" tomorrow as much as you can within your dietary limits :)