Friday, November 20, 2009

Week Summary in Brief

Wow, I can't believe it has been almost a week since my last post. Now that I have internet, I sometimes forget to post! Well a run down of this slightly eventful week:

I went to a Russian circus on ice on sunday with Mme H and the others. I was a little embarrassed to be going to kid thing but it was actually very enjoyable. There isn't much to do here in St. Chely so I'll take any entertainment I can get, especially on a sunday.

I've been feeling much better this week and confirm my remission the doctor approved me to continue with a 'normal' diet on tuesday. I still can't have dairy from a cow (apparently goat dairy is ok) and definitely no butter or high fat foods. This should be interesting. Lately I've been eating pasta with pesto and a slice of turkey meat. I'm still eating my turkey cheese nuggets (I have 9 magnets!!!) to rotate my diet.

For now my hospital bill is floating around somewhere. I suppose I'll get something in the mail soon if the MGEN doesn't pick up the tab. (that's the extra mutuelle I signed up for that covers visits 100 percent supposedly) Eventually I'll get a bill but I think I have a month to pay it anyways.

Wednesday I spent all day in Montpellier. I so never want to go back. I hate going there for just an hour for a stupid medical visit. I took the bus at 5 in the morning and arrived around 9. My appointment wasn't until 3:30 so I had too much time to kill. Unfortunately for me, time to kill= me spending money. I bought two books at FNAC since we don't have a good book store. One was to help my french grammar and the other was a dubai tourist guide since I'll be there in february. The medical visit went well for the most part. I got yelled at again for not telling them that I needed to be out by 5 to catch my ride home. (my appointment was at 3:30!!!) So typical french that it's my fault for not telling them to keep to my appointment time. *rolls eyes* Needless to say by 4 I went up to the entrance to say something and from then on I was rushed through the visa authentication process and medical exam. I bypassed about 20 people just because I live 3 hours away from Montpellier. I don't feel in slightest guilty because those people didn't have to spend 40 euros plus food for the day just for their medical visit. As of now, I am officially allowed to live in France until next september. Woot.

Thursday was random and I didn't do much other than teach most of the day. I'm getting kind of tired of teaching the same lessons over and over again. I'm going to variate my material the week after thanksgiving. Since I have to teach the same thanksgiving lesson to every class I have. Boy am I excited.

Saturday was cool. I went to a clothing party at Mme H's sister-in-law's house which is right next door. I got this cool tunique dress. I also got to play with matisse again at Mme H's. He's the cutest 4 year old ever and very stubburn!!!

A la prochaine et gros bisous!

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