Thursday, November 5, 2009

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge and Turkey-Cheese Nuggets :)

ATTENTION! I have a nickname among the students. I'm "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge" which is the little red riding hood in french. I LOVE IT! All because of my red coat (that doesn't even have a hood btw). One of the teacher's overheard the students talking about me (should I be worried??!) and they called me that she said. :)

One thing I will never appreciate cross culturally is how the French never seem to want to put forth the effort in some cases but they will in others. For example, it was sleet/snowing when I got out of class at the middle school today and I could have really used a ride up to the the high school. Of the three teachers I know all of them were leaving as I was and we all commented on the sleet and I laughed because I had to walk. In this case, I would have offered a ride to the person walking considering its like a 1 minute detour for any of them but a 7 min walk for me. This small thing that I would treasure more in my day then anything else was not achieved. Of the three teachers leaving some of them have been very helpful when it comes to shopping, keeping me occupied etc but not of the things I consider very simple and not out of their way. In conclusion, similar to everything french related, I have to ask for something if I want it. The only risk here is if they say no and I feel guilty for asking.

I'm going to babysit for Mme L tonight because her husband and her are going to try rock climbing in the place next the gym. I hope that things go well because I really like kids and I think this would be a good opportunity to learn some 'french kid lingo'. We'll see how that goes.

As for my internet in my apartment, I won't have it this week but maybe next week. I'm kind of disappointed but at least I'll have something and soon. I was happy to come home to a nice clean apartment a few days ago but alas like normal that didn't last very long.

I received my medical visit papers yesterday and I was extremely disappointed. I was lead to believe that I didn't have to go to Montpellier for anymore administrative stuff (it hurts my budget because of the cost) but the date and location on my papers was indeed in Montpellier. At least I think I can make it there and back within the bus times in one day so I don't have to miss any school or pay for a hotel room. In any case I'm going to call the OFII and see if I can have my medical visit in Mende with a registered person there but I fear that it is going to cost me the 70 euros while in Montpellier it's free.

Apparently it is going to start snowing soon here according to the kids. I have mixed feelings regarding this. While snow makes me feel at home, I detest it because it's sooo cold.

Today this really old teacher tried to tell me about something electronic on my mac and I was having none of it. No offense old man but I think I know more about it than someone who has probably never even seen a mac before. Especially since I tried to tell him I already knew how to fix it. I should be teaching him a thing or two!

On a strange note, I've been eating a lot of turkey/cheese nuggets because the brand is giving away these magnets of each department in each box. So far I have three different departments but not the lozère yet. I calculated that I would have to eat 100 boxes of these turkey-cheese nuggets. If I eat half a box each meal (there is ten in a box) that would take me about 100-200 more days to go assuming I don't have anymore repeats. They aren't that expensive either and I know they are for kids but whatever. ANNNND, my stomach loves consistent eating! Watch out Carrefour- You better start ordering these boxes on a bi-weekly schedule. ;)

A demaing. (Yes, it's inevitable that I'd pick up the accent. Please forgive me french gods!)

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  1. will probably comment again later, but what i really want to know ASAP is which brand of chicken nuggets are you eating!? AND if you get a duplicate for bouche-du-rhone please save it for me :) also, i'm in meurthe-et-moselle (54). lol. a plus!