Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today I went to Clermont-Ferrand which is the largest city near me and the head of the northern academie to me. It's about an hour and fifteen minutes drive and Mme S took me with her husband. We left around nine and went to the commercial zone first where there were craft stores and cool home goods stores. If I had tons of money I would have loved to buy things for the apartment in Toronto but alas, no. So this commercial zone is something very different than a mall or anything we have in the U.S. It's usually a bunch of spaced out stores with parking lots, some are strip mallish others are just random buildings but here you find all the chain stores and cheaper stores. St. Flour has one too that is growing nicely but not as big as C-F. After we went to a few craft stores and the galerie (inside strip mall) across from auchan the grocery store we went to have lunch. In France everyone, I mean everyone eats at noon. By 1 everyone should be digging into their meal or at least having dessert. We decided to go to a chinese all you can eat buffet. This was the best food I have had in a long time!!! I ate some different stuff like frog legs which taste very light. I even got to eat all you can eat dessert. The best thing about the food was that I had no pain whatsoever and it tasted great! I definitely want to go back there next time I go to C-F.

After lunch we went into town to walk along the little streets and go shopping. Today was the first day of the marche noel there. I didn't really find anything i liked but I bought a pair of gloves since I lost one of my thinsulate ones. I also bought some other things in town for gifts that I can't really mention here. Anyways, all in all today was an amazing day!

A la prochaine fois...

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