Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The rock candy is meltin' and only diamonds remain

It snowed today. I always wonder how they can predict rain when in lozere, without a doubt, it snows instead. They were big, fat, wet flakes. The kind that get you all wet but make you smile cause the landscape is covered in a white blanket faster.

I've booked my tickets for Paris my last weekend with Sophie. We got a great deal because the tickets were cheaper in 1er classe! I just couldn't resist. I'm also hoping we get to see the movie "tout ce qui brille". It seems like my kind of movie and after Arnacoeur, I'm less timid about seeing French films. (It's never the french that bothers me much, its the lame films that seem to come from france that gave me this prejudice.)

Some days are harder than others and today was no exception since I had my favorite (NOT!) class. They test my teaching and discipline to a point where I feel like a failure. It probably did not help my back pain was bad last night thus I got about 5 hours max sleep. I keep thinking ... 2 more sessions, and none of those alone anymore!

Lately, I also been thinking about my return and how much I'm going to miss France. I feel many weird emotions and I can't seem to define any of them concretely other than a general sadness for what I feel is my last time living in France. I hope I can live up to my old friend, chris' quote : "profitez-en". I shall profit, indeed I shall.

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