Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bread, snow and fire!

I've found my boulangerie (bread store). This is something I've always aspired to do because in France everyone has their favorite place to buy bread and when you buy it elsewhere its sort of like cheating on your best friend with another one. Luckily for me this boulangerie is close to where I live and they make more than just baguette. They make my little ficelles and they also make sandwiches, pastries and other types of bread. I like this one because their bread has flavor. It's this sweet but plain bread flavor that the other places don't have. I think the lady is getting used to me now that I've been going to her for two weeks straight.

I have a flat screen t.v. now which was donated to the school by one of the teachers/secretaries. The only downside is that I'm missing the cable to connect it to the antenna so I can't exactly use it yet. I expect to be watching color french t.v. in two months. (That's how long my internet took)

Today was the first day I got frustrated and pissed off at my students. Mostly I don't care if they pay attention or not because ultimately I can't make them but today we were working on role playing and they kept asking me questions (in french which they are not allowed to do) and the answers were on the board. In addition, it was graded and they only half of my 12 kids actually tried to pronounce 'arrive' correctly. Considering the 'th' sound is extremely hard, I thought I would focus on the 'i' sound which sounds like an 'e' in french. I told them before we started and had them repeat it with me. Even after I gave them a chance to improve their scores by saying it correctly they still didn't do it right. Keep in mind that we have been working on this sound for the last 4 weeks! I wanted to rip my hair out for the first time since I started teaching two years ago. Needless to say I decided to man up and grade them down for it. (I've been too nice in the past)

I learned how to 'purge' my radiators today! Now I can do it myself which will help the heating thing. Considering today was the first day of SNOW that stuck the heating thing is going to become an issue. The snow was so cool this morning but then the sun came out and it all melted away this afternoon. I hear more is coming...

As for my health, I've been feeling amazing all week. I haven't needed to take my stomach pain pills which I consider a sign of the entocort starting to kick in!

I'm going to St. Flour tomorrow to see New Moon-in french. blech. I wanted to see it in OV but I'm going to settle for sparking vampires in a sexy french language. Oh edward... ;)

I started knitting again. I was sort of hesitating but there isn't much to do and it keeps me occupied. Here's what I'm working on now...

Also here is a picture from sunday night with Mme H. I went to the marche noel here with her family and afterward we all had dinner together. Her husband even lit a fire since it was pretty chilly sunday. It was the perfect sunday! I played with Mathise, their son, a lot and I think he really likes me now! He asked if I could come over and play monday night too. lol. I love how I can win over a 4 year old but not the girls from the gym. I guess I'm still a kid at heart!


  1. Cool! It's snowed here too but not that much. I've been knitting lately too, must be a winter thing. You look cute in that picture!

  2. snow!! not sure if i'll get any where i am. they say it comes only every once and a while.

    as far as "arrived" goes, my students keep pronouncing it a-rye-ved. soooo french! so frustrating.