Thursday, December 10, 2009

Formation et small minds

I just spent two days in Mende without stepping outside the confines of the two high schools there!

I had a 'formation' which is a training seminar, on technology in the classroom. I learned many cool things and how to use a 'smart board' too! I'm looking forward to incorporating this into my lessons here and in the future. Yesterday was mostly video conferencing which was boring and looks like its going to replace my job in a few years. I am so content to be able to add this to my experience because it is really something important for language teachers.

I also got the pleasure of encountering the french antipathy yesterday too. Oh how I love the dismissal nod and ignoring anything I say the second I open my anglophone accented mouth. I would at this point say an obscene word to describe this lady. Let me give you the pretext of the conversation:

There is a spanish assistant in Mende that is supposed to work in St. Chely three hours a week via video conferencing. I suggested he come the first time to meet the students and teacher and his 'responsable' ( who is not at all responsable) told me that he is not paid for that and he doesn't have a car. I suggested the bus and then I was interupted and told that there is no bus. BLATENT LIE! I know there is a bus because I take the buses often here. Then I wanted to offer another free option but she wouldn't listen to me. There is a teacher that comes here three days a week from Mende to teach and he could hitch a ride with her I'm sure. (There are more but I know that this lady would be willing). She refused to let me explain to I told her that she was unreasonable and I sat back down in my chair. THE worst thing is that this teacher wait TWO months to tell us we had a spanish assistant at all and her response to my teacher was 'I've been too busy'. What about the assistant? Doesn't he have a phone or email? He's not completely incapable. THEN my teacher explained the ride situation after she sensed I was pissed this teacher wasn't listening to me and the lady listened to her. I'M SORRY, I DO HAVE A VOICE! I'm not insignnificant. Insert bad word about her.

So enough about french obstenance- I have the pleasure of finding out that I speak much better than some other assistants in my region. That is a total confidance booster. I know I have a thick accent but I'm working on it!

This week has literally been non stop for me though. On tuesday night I went over to Mme H's house and played with her son for an hour. He taught me a new verb too : cracher. This means to spit and then he proceeded to spit in my hair! It was all fun and gross. Mme H has two older sons too so her youngest doesn't really know how to play with girls. It's very cute.

I have no plans for the weekend really. I need to buy my dad's gift but I may end up ordering it online because the stores in St. Chely are very 'chic expensive' which is annoying. Then as soon as I get it, I'll mail their gifts to the U.S. just in time for christmas!

I also got my save the dates in the mail. So cute! Can't wait to send them off :)


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