Monday, December 14, 2009

Misbehavior, birthday's and another marche de noel!

Friday was a mixed day. I had a horrible school day and a wonderful night!

With my 'juniors' specializing in business management they were horrible. It had been augmenting week after week but I've finally had enough. I told Mme H that I can't be in a class like that where I am obligated to scream every time I want to say something. One of the students had everything packed up and ready to go the minute the bell rang and I told her to sit down and that she had not been dismissed by Mme H yet and that it was extremely impolite on her part. (Keep in mind we were doing something very fun- listening to english music to find the words which the other classes liked)

Mme H and I talked to the 'responable' ( B ) of this group of kids and she laid it into them during her afternoon class with them. She told me that this particular student mentioned that I do not have the right to tell her to sit down and that I am not a teacher and it's Mme H's responsibility to say something. (She is way too nice with them) Good thing is that B reamed them that I am a teacher and that I have just as much right as Mme H to demand they behave as her and if they continue like they have been I won't be coming to their class anymore. Today I took the four girls that work hard and never cause trouble and the others were completely crazy mad. Well they have only themselves to blame. We'll see if I come back after christmas break with the whole class. I don't need this trouble because there are students here in the high school whom I don't work with that would be glad to have me come in their classes during the week. Apparently they were 'wise' today but I honestly can't take two of the students in that class. They control the others and they have outbursts and they don't try really to listen and speak in english.

In contrast:

Friday night was the best! It was C's 24th birthday weekend so we all worked out and then had chocolate cake and champagne in the gym. It was sooo cool. Only in France do you run 7 km and then eat chocolate cake and drink! In that hour, I made many new friends and people finally got to know me a little. I don't really go to the gym to socialize anymore because I just want to burn the fat the steroids add to my body. Meeting people is just a side effect of me going every other day.

So there are two places to go dancing in St. Chely. The first is in town but it's really a restaurant and the discotheque is very small in a basement. The other is actually in a town called 'La Garde' and it about 10 minutes in a car but its a really club. I had the wonderful pleasure of going there this past Sat night and it was a blast. Unlike america, clubs don't get going until around 2 a.m. whereas in the U.S. that is when they close!

My new friend S who lives and works in St. Chely drove me there and we had dinner with our other gym goers on sat night to celebrate C's 24th birthday. S and C work together. (S is a girl and C is a boy fyi) All and all it was a successful night of french speaking, french techno and dancing. The only awkward moment was with one of my students. lets be real though, if they are going to go out and so am I and there is only one place to do it, we're bound to run into each other. We both agreed not to talk about it and pretend we didn't see each other. Suits me fine because I don't need gossip around the school. I do have a personal life that has nothing to do with my working.

When Sophie dropped me off around 4:30 I was so exhausted I fell right asleep. Then 5 hours later I was wide awake. Mme H called me to go to the Marche de Noel in St. Flour because i'd been dying to go this week. We went and it was very pretty and cool things were sold. I got my mom's birthday present there. Also Mme H's husband bought Oli a xmas gift... which was sooo cool of them. I also noticed that Mme H loves to buy things from small private vendors. I like that about her because she supports the local economy here in rural france. I try to too but when it comes down to it I don't always have the money. One thing Oli and I should try to do in Toronto is go to the markets and buy local ontario stuff. It's a personal goal of mine.

After the marche de noel I was obligated to have a sieste. Which I absolutely love about France. I don't get backtalk from people for taking an afternoon nap because it's sort of expected. I expect to continue this habit in the U.S. regardless.

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