Monday, December 28, 2009

I need sales!

After an interesting holiday things in Bruxelles got a little less hectic. I sort of miss the sales at home right after christmas because I always found good deals. Here the 'Soldes' which is a two week period twice a year, don't start until the 1st or sometimes later in january. I'm trying to conserve my money so I can buy some more euro stuff.

I've been feeling sort of sad the last week and a half but finally this wave is lifting. I realized that either I'm getting depressed or the homesickness is wearing off after the holidays. I still feel sad at certain points but I no longer burst into tears anymore which is good. I hate that feeling of being alone at the bottom of a pit and I'm not sure why I was so sad because I absolutely love being in France and Europe. I love my life in la Lozère (except that Oli isn't there) and I wish I didn't have to go in May.

Have a happy new year!

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