Monday, December 7, 2009

Some random travel photos and new hair!

Here's some pictures of recent events:

This is Millau Viaduc and it is simply so beautifully constructed. In addition, it saves us 45 minutes from having to go down into the Millau valley to get to the other side of the mountain. As you can see it was a gorgeous day on friday! Also I feel like I am closer to the sky every time I am places like this. The clouds are so easy to reach up and touch!

Here's Kimmie and I on the cours mirabeau drinking our vitam fruits. It was the only picture I took and I'll have to refer you to to see a good picture of all of us.

And here is a picture of my new hair color I got done today. I'm going darker and this was phase one. I'll do it again in two months even more darker. :) She curled it big but I thought it was cute since I never curl my hair anymore.

I'm off to my seminar for the next two days on technology in the classroom. Three of us english teachers are going to Mende for this special training. I'm excited to up my professional training.


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