Friday, March 26, 2010

Books and fond flashbacks of Pogs

This week has been quite interesting! I finished my second book, Vol de nuit, which was an easy read but not very good. I found some very thoughtful quotes and things like that but all the same, it was a book about night flights and pilots which don't interest me much. The next book I'm reading is La prochaine fois which is more my style. Its longer and a bit more difficult but I like the story line way better.

Last night I sort of signed up on the 'market place' for exchanging magnets for le gaulois boxes. I realized that I have eaten about 480 nuggets so far. Grossss. Suddenly after signing up and marking my doubles on my map people started emailing me to exchange. It was quite wierd and then I really started to get into it. I've traded with 6 people and I expect 9 new ones to come in the mail monday or tuesday. Cool eh? I should have 38 more to go after I receive them. Mme S and Mme H have more to give me too!!! I am so close yet far away! After forgetting to eat dinner and freakishly obssessing over people emailing me, I realzed this reminded me of my 'pog' days. For those of you who never had them, they were a fad in the mid nineties of little flat discs with designs on them that you played with. I never knew how to play so I just traded all the time....oh memories.

I have about 5.5 weeks left till I get home which is making me sader by the day. I remember back in the beginning how excited and nervous I was, then lonely and sad but now that things have gotten wonderful with friends, activities and work I really am going to miss everything about St. Chély d'Apcher. I relish this experience for giving me the confidence to speak in French no matter how bad I was to begin with!!! I have learn a lot from being in the hospital, to playing the french paper work game to questionable and questioning kids that I will never, ever forgot how much I've grown and succeeded on my own in France. Thank you Oli for giving me the push I needed to do this and always supporting me in every way imaginable!

Bisous all


  1. Glad to see you've squeezed every opportunité de cette expérience ;)

  2. I used to play with pogs, and found the plastic pog slammers the best for winning.

    BTW, i was only 2 km from the french border today.