Friday, March 12, 2010

Restos du coeur

I've got to preface this post by saying the following is utter ridiculousness.

Tonight, I decided to put tf1 (principal television channel in france) on in the background while I messed around the apartment. When star academie (french idol but way better than american idol) stopped I went through a sadness of the loss of my one favorite french t.v. show and I haven't really connected with any shows since but tonight, god must have been smiling on me cause "restos du coeur" was on! I must explain: all famous old, young, recent and past songs and singers are sung by alllllll my favorite french stars. I love french music and when every single one of my favs are on t.v. on stage doing their thing- I'm in 7th heaven. No joke here. I don't care what anyone says cause I love french music and musicians. The thing that got me into french to begin with was their music so naturally I'm a little obsessive. So tonight, I get from 8:40-11:30 goodness, frenchie goodness. :)

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