Monday, March 29, 2010

La Truffade: My favorite dish

S decided one night randomly to show me how to make La truffade, a traditional lozerian dish. Of course, in France you start with an apero, so we had wine and brebis cheese which is from a sheep. IT WAS AMAZING!
Here is la truffade cooking. It's almost done! Look at all that cheesy goodness.
This is S and I sitting down to eat this wonderfully delicious meal! Merci S!!!
I liked it so much, and as you know one of my goals is to learn 5 lozerian recipes so I thought I'd make it myself last week. Here is how you do it. If you find this cheese in the usa tell me where!!!

Here is my version of La Truffade. Step one: Dice potatoes and lightly fry with oil for about 5-7 min, then add minced, (in my version i cut them), garlic. Lots of it. 1.5 cloves per potato.
While this is cooking some more, slice La tomme du Cantal. This cheese has virtually little flavor and is soft, sticky but actually low in fat!
Then when the potatoes are almost done you add the sliced cheese on top like this and let it melt down.

When the cheese is gooey, melted you flip it over as much as you can and it should be brown like this. Wait until is gooey and brownish.

Then finally, you eat this with jambon sec which is cured ham. SO GOOD!

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