Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I've been back in France for a couple of days now and I've realized there are some things that I've really missed and some things that have changed for the better around here!

1. I've missed french bread with my meals. I love sopping up the juices from my plate after I'm done eating, it's my favorite part.

2. The school installed a door handle to the massive green door at the bottom entrance to my apartment building. This all sounds silly I know, but before I had to reach around the little gap between the cement wall and the door to release the door. Now I can open it, like a normal person!

3. Speaking french. I missed it so and coming back wasn't nearly as hard as coming back from christmas vacation. I easily slipped back into talking with people. I'm sure I've lost a little progress (Mme H insists I did) but not nearly to the extent before.

4.) Seeing my friends at the gym. I talked with S tonight forever! We had so much to catch up on. I also saw C, St, E and so many more.

5.) Feeling at ease, however much I love being with Oli, in Toronto I feel this restlessness that eats away at me and by the time Oli gets home I'm crabby as hell. I think that despite my loneliness here I am even more lonely there. At least I have daytime interactions and work to do here. In Toronto its boredom that gets me. I'll need a job or something to help or else I'm not sure that we'll stay so long in canada if I'm so unhappy.

6.) French esspresso. The nesspresso machine me manque! I love it and it's not the same in the states for some reason.

In any case, it feels great to be back. I also miss calculated my time here. I have two months left but only 6 of teaching including this one. I have 5 before break and 1 more after. I really was hoping to visit Henry and G during break but because of the delta mishap I'm out 100 euros that I was hoping to use toward a weekend away there. I'm going to save like a fiend to make this work out.


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  1. you should def come visit! if i can also get my act together, you could come by lorraine and we could maybe head to frankfurt together to visit henry. huge maybe's though. i've gotta work on the money situation too!