Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The real Lozère

This post is long, mostly filled with photos but this is what I did on Saturday before the big birthday bash. The weather was gorgeous and not that cold and S and I had a blast seeing the wonders of western Lozère. Her parents invited me to lunch with them and then we embarked on our adventure as follows.

These are S's horses. I've seen horses before but never this close and never horses this gentle. They are old she said but still it was a pleasure to finally not feel fear whenever I see a horse. Next project-get on one and ride! (Hopefully in april when the weather is nicer!)

This was the first place that S took me. This is a lake that is very deep and looks sort of like a river because its squeezed between two gorges. The water level was pretty low but that allowed us to go a little further than normal. She told me that this is her favorite place to go in the summer and enjoy the water.
All my pictures look like its warm but this is just a reminder that it is still very cold in Lozère. Look at the ice accumulating in the boat. Definitely not time to go swimming!
I sort of look like I'm conquering the lake but I'm not. I'm try to balance on the rocks so I don't fall in the mud. There is a spring behind me mucking all the dirty up and I really didn't want to get stuck in the mud so early on our adventure!
This is on the way up from the lake. See how it looks like a river? We had to weave and climb on this small road to make it back up the mountain and on our way to the next destination.

We started out our hiking here. The woods are a little dry and barren now but that makes for better hiking. This is S and scott. Scott is a border collie and he lives with S's parents.
Woah. We made it! Look how big the rocks can get here. This is proof at how rugged the terrain is here in Lozère. I felt so small under the big rocks.
At the top! There were three crosses side by side at the top of this mountain. It was fairly windy but it felt nice after the little hike. Look at how blue the sky was!!!

S and I went to St's village since it was on the way to the volcano. St was supposed to come with us today but something came up I guess. He did manage to join us when we visited the church on the hill by his house. I asked if anyone he knows is buried here and he said said he has some family members, grandparents and such. The graves were gorgeous! Unfortunately the church was closed.
I saw these people down at the ledge that is "interdit" or forbidden to go there and it was so tempting that I hoped the barbed wire fence once they left. S and St thought I was nuts but they of course joined me.
Here is S and I on the ledge. We could have easily fallen into the gorge below but it was so much fun to feel on top of the world.
These crosses are typical of the lozère. I saw at least a dozen during the day.

Here is the Volcano that we have in Lozère. It's dormant and they are pretty sure it won't erupt again. (The others in le puy de dome will erupt in the next couple hundred years!) This view is from Sophie's pasture where she keeps her horses. I really wanted to climb to the top of the volcano so we did!
Here is the opposite view from the top of the volcano. This is S's village. It's about 15 km from St. Chély.
This is about 45 degrees to the left of the other photo. Still from the top of the volcano. In the distance the snow covered mountains is the Super Lioran Resort where everyone goes skiing around here. It takes about 1.5 hours to get there because their isn't a highway there.
This was the last thing we did. I got to visit S's uncle's cow farm. Unfortunately these cows are grown to eat, not make milk so soon they will be on some french person's plate. All the same, this experience was interesting for me and also a little gross. (I won't go into details)
The next post will be my birthday dinner! Stay tuned!

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