Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Toronto Pictures

I finally was able to upload some pictures from the high school so look forward to many posts today. I've got lots I've not posted on!

Here is a view of downtown Toronto from Oli's room in the corporate apartments. I think this shows just how built up Toronto is and gorgeous despite the crummy weather.
After I met up with Oli and his coworkers for all you can eat sushi I decided to walk back to the Eaton Center. It was my last day in Toronto and despite the wet wet snow, it was a cool experience. I saw this building and thought it out of place among all the modern high rise buildings so I snapped a quick photo. I'm sure its some sort of municipal building.
Here is another photo from Oli's room of the CN Tower. That's how downtown we were!!!
This is us at dundas and younge after a movie. It was snowing and we were hungry so we headed to hot house (amazing pasta) for dinner. I love date night!
There's Toronto in photo summary. Look forward to my next post: St Chely, encore!!!

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