Monday, March 29, 2010

Some more randoms....

Bonjour! I thought that I'd post some pictures, even though I'm currently against picture taking. (See my post on 3 x 5) Here is where I spend the majority of my time while waiting for my next class or just hanging out talking to other teachers. Here are the regulars.... Mme B, my responsable and the two math/science teachers. I think. lol. In the background there are our"casiers" for each teacher. Mine is to the right-ish and second from the top.
This weekend we celebrated F and B's birthday's chez S. I have a cool video I'll try to upload on how to open a wine bottle with a traditional "tire-bouchon". Trust me, after my 15th bottle this year, I have yet to master it. I dream of the days when I'll go home to the old, easier bottle openers.
On sunday I had lunch chez M. and Mme G. M. G has lots of old cars so I had him take a picture of my on his very very old vespa. I so wanted to ride it but this was the first time it had been out this year so he couldn't verify that everything was in working order after the winter in order to drive it. I also am experimenting with my new camera and the color accent mode. Pretty cool eh?
After lunch we all went for a walk around La Garde (where they live). This little chalet was cute. It's not inhabitable but with the grey sky and trees, this was so typical lozere I couldn't resist capturing it.
Next post: Truffade!

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