Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh soleil, promise me more!

The sun was amazing today! The sky was cloudless and I went to the park to finish vol de nuit, a book I had been reading. I ran into some students who invited me to have sit with them and drink coke cola and smoke cigarettes. I promptly thanked them and declined. I think it's funny that the french kids smoke and drink coke on a regular basis after school. I see them all the time at 8 à 8 buying stuff for their afternoon snack.

This friday I am going to clermont with S because she has a car thingy and an apt at her family's store there. I hope I get paid before that!

Oli's company kind of screwed him over and he can no longer take the may vacation with his dad. I have mixed feelings about this trip mostly because it's nature and rving and he has no experience or any clue what this is going to be like. He told me today there are no bugs in the mountains of colorado. You could probably see why I am worried after this statement....

My nose got some redness from the sun (sorry mom! I put 30 on before I went out!!). I hope tomorrow is the same. I'll wip out my bathing suit by saturday if the weather continues this way...


  1. Stop lying! That is NOT what I said. Libel (look it up) is a tort subject to criminal and/or civil prosecution. So state the truth or shut up.

  2. it is too what you said. then i laughed and you told me you wouldn't talk to me for a week like a big baby. grow up. look that one up!