Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Attention! Wet paint!

Nothing special happened today other than it was freezing cold and windy. I may need a winter jacket sooner than I thought. I was hoping to make it until the end of November before buying a heavy jacket.

The painters finally finished in the stairwell! That was the longest two weeks ever! It seemed as if they only worked two hours a day but they were here all the time working. At least it’s going to stop smelling like paint everywhere now. I love how the school is doing all these things to improve the building and modernize things! Since they show a sense of pride in the building, I can too. It makes it hard to when landlords don’t care about the property but TR totally does.

Pictures are to be posted on facebook. I won’t always have access to them or my account so they will only be posted infrequently.

They have indeed been posted on facebook as of a few minutes ago.

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