Wednesday, October 14, 2009

French kids and UFOs

I’ve officially watched everything on Oli’s external drive. Bring on the boredom!

I also can access facebook now on my computer via a shield. Yay oli! I also got to see photos from the Ren Fest before I left. I miss you guys!!

I taught my first two classes by myself today too! I don’t like French kids I think. They are much more disrespectful than American students. They have an etiquette where they stand upon entering the class and won’t sit down until I tell them it’s ok. However the one thing that annoys me that my American students hardly ever did was talk while I was talking. Its extremely annoying and hard as I try to get them to stop they just keep on talking. No wonder their English sucks. I hope they do well on the quiz next week!

I made myself some black and mint tea tonight. It made me really miss living with June and Anastasia at 410. I always used to drink that and sit with them in the kitchen since I never really had any homework last year. I miss you chicas!

Oh and I believe in UFO's now. As of tonight I think I saw one and I know it wasn't a star because stars don't move fast like this bright light did. It wasn't a plane either cause it wasn't moving in a straight line. I'm not crazy and it was scary!!! I think maybe I should close my skylights during the night so I don't get freaked out again like that.

A la prochiane mes amis!

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