Tuesday, October 20, 2009

*Heavy Sigh*

I love that while I'm trying to post people are leaning over me possibly seeing what I'm writing about them...

Nothing too spectacular has happened here. I went to the gym last night a saw about 6 girls there my age. I haven't said hi yet but hopefully after a few weeks maybe I'll get to meet them? I forgot that making friends is a delicate process here in France and that's probably why I never made any last time I was here. I took an 'abdo' class with them last night and it was nice. The gym offers sometimes these free classes for the members. I would so love it if they bought another treadmill (tapis roulant= rolling rug!! haha) so I don't have fight to get on it. I literally sit on the bike in front of them and bike very slowly until one of the two is free. On a great note...I'm getting in shape! I can't really tell for sure but my engagement ring is super loose these days and that happened with my other rings last summer... :) I just wish the gym was open more often! It's very hard to get a good workout in 20 minutes!

The heat is out in my apartment again. I never know if I should be pissed about it like a 'normal' french person would or if I should just tell the gestionaire and **hope** that it gets fixed. It seems to me they think I purposely am causing them more work or something. The reaction that I get is always this "heavy sigh" plus "I'll take care of it this afternoon". I told them YESTERDAY and it still isn't fixed. They seem to think that I'll be able to sleep in an apartment that is approximately 40 degrees. It's not that cold here yet but at night it drops significantly and the wind here doesn't help either. **Heavy sigh** on my part.

Whenever I get frustrated with the french 'attitude' i just think about this song and I laugh and forget ever being frustrated :
Même pas fatigué----

On met l'ambiance
Y'a pas de problème
Khaled, Magic System ça c'est le son qu'on aime
Partout c'est la même, pas de fatigue et c'est le theme
On n'est pas fatiqué
Ce soir il faut danser
On va tout donner
I opened my first bottle (or two) this weekend on my own with a very very basic bottle opener. Yay for wine this chilly weekend!

I also discovered via one of my students that the avergne region produces its own type of coke cola. It's lighter that regular coke and has a funny flavor. I can't decide if I like it or not....

A plus mes amis!

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