Monday, October 26, 2009


As I'm sitting here in BRUSSELS I'm listening to an old Hanson song 'where is the love'. Brings me back memories I think only american girls can truely appreciate. As I said, I'm in brussels which is amazing to say the least. I think color has come back into my spirit finally. I've been speaking mostly french to oli's mom which is great too! I feel bad for being selfish because I know she wants to speak english before the wedding but I really need to practice! Henry arrived last night and we got to hang out and drink at the bar in his hotel. It was so nice to see a very familiar face and joke around about europe and our experiences. Geraldine is coming in today so I'll have my fill for americans this week :). As much as I love the French, I just need something where I don't have to constantly care about how I act or what I say because these are my friends and I know they like me already. (At least I assume they do!!! ;))

I love it here despite the weather. I knew that though- its cloudy in belgium like 90 percent of the time. We saw sun yesterday right before is rained when Patty and I took Kipling to the 'bois' in town. It was this cool place where families, dogs and couples were walking, playing and having fun in this huge park downtown. It's not really a park but this woodsy section downtown that is so beautiful. Brussels really is the green capital of europe. I love it!

A plus!

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