Thursday, October 15, 2009

Exhaustion and Melancholy

What a long day. I'm so exhausted from having to get kids to not speak french and speak english with me. I got to one on one tutor with one of the tenth graders this afternoon which was great! I don't have any plans for the weekend and I'm a little worried that I'm going to go insane for lack of internet, its cold and I don't have any money to go shopping. I want to prep for some of my classes but lacking internet and suitable materials really frustrates me. I could be a really great assistant but I just really want/need internet. I might try to go to Mende for the day on saturday just to walk around and maybe meet up with the other assistant that I have yet to meet in my region.

Au contraire, I found the only club/bar in St. Chely. Its not at all far from where I live in walking distance. I would never go there by myself but if someone were to visit, I now know where to go to get some drinks and maybe dance.

The proviseur, aka the big head guy of our school, asked me to stay during the vacation coming up next weekend for La Toussaint but I already have plans. While that would be great for my pocket money, I just can't stay here without going crazy by myself with horrible students who need "soutien" aka addition help in english. Which I felt bad about because he's like the big chief important guy and I was kind of worried about saying no since I know it would totally help their school.

I'm hoping a workout will help with my melancholy that's started again. I hope I'm not getting homesick already.

With the accent du sud,
A demain(g)....

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