Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday’s, music and love in Mende

I always have to try and find things to do on Sundays in france. It’s definitely not one of my favorite days of the week. I do enjoy the freedom to do whatever I want. For example I got to stay in the bath for like 40 minutes this morning. I was so wrinkly when I got out which I never do! I also sat in the sun on a bench and did nothing but think and relax which was nice. I wonder what I figure out to do in the winter?

Tonight I went to Mende with Mme H, her husband and two of their friends I met last week. There was a choir concert at the big cathedral celebrating its 700th year. Can you imagine?! It was so nice and I enjoyed it a lot. Mme H’s husband and L (the husband of Mme I) were so funny the entire time. They kept making us laugh because they kept falling pretend asleep and making jokes. It’s nice to know that not all french people are uptight in public. During the 10 minute break we had drinks at a little bar. (Such a french thing to do!) I’m glad I got to see Mende and I can’t wait to go back! One of the teachers at the school lives in Mende and she offered to let me stay with her if I wanted to visit. I was going to take her up on her offer this weekend but I think I might have plans with Mme S. I want to wait until I have money though so that I can go shopping or something so I’ll probably wait until after la Toussaint. We get a week off in two weeks for la Toussaint which is the day after Halloween I think.

It was cute to spend some time with adults but I was single between two couples and I missed Oli. Both couples were so still in love and having fun together and I want what they have still in 20 years too. I hope oli adores me as much as he did in the beginning as Mme H’s husband so apparently does. I’ve never seen older couples act like that in the United States before. I wish I could stay here in france forever. I love it despite the cultural differences, language barriers or job potential. Vive la France!

A la prochaine mes amis…

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  1. That last bit about the older couples is pretty cute. The german contact had me and Miriam over a few Sundays ago for lunch and afterwards we went on a long walk and saw a few things. Anyway, the point is that almost immediately after they got out of the car and settled, they'd reach for each others' hands and continue on that way. Same thing in the car, actually. It was really cute.