Thursday, October 15, 2009

French food and conversation

Wowza! I spent basically all day speaking French. I love my life!

This morning I had class for 30 minutes but then I got to do my thing. I had lunch at the lycee which was great. Mme H invited me to her house for the afternoon to hang out and I could use her internet to call nana. It was so nice to talk to nana this afternoon! Everytime I talk to my family I start to miss home and I know that’s normal but I don’t want to be homesick so I think I’m going to limit those calls for awhile. Even with Oli I start to miss him a lot. Maybe if we switch to french it would be easier for me. (as if he’d ever do that…)

Hanging out with Mme H was cool because she showed me pictures of her wedding and we talked about mine and what my plans were for next year when I return. (I don’t have any)

She took me back home because I needed to clean and get my stuff together for tomorrow and tonight. I had dinner with all the teachers at the college which was so great. Everyone is so nice and it seems that they have all heard good thing about me from either colleagues or their own kids at the lycee. YAY! I caught about 99% of the conversation for the before and during the meal but after I was starting to fade and I got a major headache. Boo. There started to be so much background noise in the restaurant that I was having a hard time hearing and the more I tried the more it took to concentrate and I was just getting soo tired. I wish I was fluent already which would have made my life easier tonight. Mme S and Mme B are the coolest teachers. They are like me a lot which makes sense since we’re all language teachers. (It takes a certain personality to do this job) I’m so excited that I’m starting to make friends here. Even if they are older that me, its ok because I like these people. Your soul doesn’t age past 20 in my opinion! I’m also glad that since they speak English they never force me to speak it with them too. They understand that I’m really here to speak more french and that English is for the students’ time. Thank god the closest assistant is 35km away. 6 ½ more months and I’m golden!

All in all today was an amazing day and I can’t wait for tomorrow! A full day of classes and then the weekend! Woot!

A plus mes amis ….

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