Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little pleasures to occupy my time

I saw a movie with Mme H last night! It was called Le Petit Nickolas and it was so very funny. I even talked to the owner of the theatre, it's a small one and he told me I could buy the old film posters for 6 euro after the film has passed through the cinema. Now I have a cheap and easy way to decorate the appartment!

We're having a pot-luck tomorrow here for lunch which I think is great! I'm going to make my apple and pear tarte again since everyone loved it last time. (I told Mme H to take home at the end of her day if there was still some left since I knew her boys would eat it but it was all gone within two hours she said!) I can't wait to buy a cook book in belgium and start making different things for the teachers here. They are all so nice to me and I just really feel welcomed by most of them.

My spinal arthritis is getting worse but I looked up online to see if running was bad but actually it says that any activity is good for it. I'm glad because I'd hate to give it up so soon after I started liking it again.

I'm a little blocked by the french language at this point though. I'm not getting better but I'm no worse than I was a week ago. I can hear my accent now thouroughly and it frustrates me that I can't say things the way they should be. I think I'm going to ask Mme A if she has some time after tutoring her in english if she can help me with my pronounciation. The only thing is she has a thick accent du sud and I'm wary to pick that up from her.

A la prochaine fois mes amis!

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  1. cook book shopping in belgium?! i hope i can partake in this wonderful of most wonderful activities!